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Good choices made repeatedly over time develop into habits, which have a positive lifelong influence. The seven habits are essential for living the Catholic and Marianist vision of community. Individuals, groups and organizations are called to develop these habits.
Treat Yourself With Respect

Do I respect myself? How does my behavior show it?

Check out the Health and Wellness comprehensive services and programming designed to help you make healthy, informed lifestyle choices and seek balance that will allow you to transform your life and community. 

Do you take time to reflect on your experiences and increase your self-awareness?

Join an organization to surround yourself with others who have a common passion or interest as you. There are over 200 student organizations on campus.  

Treat Others With Respect

Does my behavior show respect for the people around me?

Can I respond to conflict in a way that promotes respect, dialogue, and mutual understanding?

How willing am I to learn from someone who is different from me?

Be Honest Truthful & Live With Integrity

Am I becoming the kind of person I want to be?

Who are you becoming? Are your personal decisions consistent with your values?

As members of our community we look out for one another. Respectfully confront others who violate legitimate expectations for healthy living and learning.

Develop Your Faith Life

Am I willing to be part of a faith tradition that is larger and wiser than me?

The University of Dayton is committed to the spiritual and religious development of all students regardless of their religion.

What wisdom does my faith bring to my academic life and career path?

No Mapquest For Your Journey Of Faith. It Begins With A Single Step.

Wherever you are in your faith, Campus Ministry can help you explore and grow through the things you love to do.

Integrate Learning & Living

Are all of the dimensions of my life in harmony?

Through participation in the distinctive living and learning community at UD, students accept the challenge of moral development which will prepare them to live as mature members of a pluralistic society. Community living calls us to academic rigor integrated with faith and life, challenging each person and group to take up the hard work necessary to build the intellectual, spiritual, religious, moral, physical, and social dimensions of our educational community.

Take Responsibility For Self & Community

What does it mean for me to contribute to the common good?

Your decisions and actions affect people in your classrooms, houses, neighborhood, campus, city, country and ultimately the world community. We are called to work actively to create and promote the common good at UD and beyond. 

In what ways are you willing to accept support and challenge from others at UD?

Who are the weakest and most vulnerable in our community? How do you serve them?

Care for the earth is a responsibility for each of us in respecting our planet. As a Catholic Marianist university, we strive to be faithful stewards of our environment. Reducing energy use is good for the environment and brings our actions closer to our values. 

Practice Servant Leadership

How do I learn from others and encourage them to use their gifts?

Ready for a challenge? Want to make a difference? 

Connect learning and scholarship with leadership and service by taking a service-learning course. 

Practice servant leadership through opportunites offered through the Center for Social Concern and the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Be an example of generosity and selflessness with your gifts and skills.

04.23.2012 | Students, Culture and Society 
Danielle Patton, an incoming first-year student, believes when you take something, you should give something back to balance the equation. Call it the math version of the Bible's lesson that to whom much is given, much is required. Serving others is a driving force in Patton's life and now has netted her a $40,000 scholarship, awarded $10,000 over four years, as the winner of a University of Dayton contest that invited prospective students to create a video describing what servant leadership means to them. For more information please read Servant Leader.