Writing & the Arts

Mix the arts into your life! Welcoming students from majors across the University, this community offers a specially-designed, first-year writing course with a focus on curiosity, connections, and creativity. The class is held at ArtStreet, so you can pick up a sandwich and smoothie. You'll also attend performances and exhibits in the Dayton area, including music, dance, art and theatre. Develop your senses and imagination through the WAA. This ILLC is perfect for engineering students interested in design, fine arts students or anyone interested in creative expression. Over the years, the WAA has had many musicians, actors, photographers, designers, and engineers. If you are creative, or just enjoy and appreciate creative people and experiences, this is the ILLC for you.

Students: Open to all students unless restricted by major

ILLC Coordinators: Molly Keane-Sexton

ILLC Faculty: Molly Keane-Sexton

Residence: Founders Hall

Shared Courses: ENG 100 (Writing Seminar I) during the Fall 2016 semester.

Graduation Requirements: This course meets a graduation requirement.

Community Activities:

  • Attend the University of Dayton's ArtsLIVE events.

  • Work closely with the visiting artist-in-residence program.

  • Explore the arts on campus and in the greater Dayton community.

  • Experience the creative communities in the Dayton area such as the Dayton Art Institute or the Schuster Performing Arts Center. 

  • Attend exhibits, performances, and lectures. 

  • Have pizza parties and other dinners with your floor.

  • Attend events such as Thursday Night Live at ArtStreet Café. 

  • Attend events throughout the year held at ArtStreet.