Business & Marianist Values

Scandals have rocked corporate America in recent years, shaking public confidence in business, the sector in which most Americans pursue their careers.  Despite the high-profile failures, most business leaders work daily to meet society’s demand for goods and services and to provide meaningful work and income for their employees.  As demand for more ethical business processes and actions grows, you, our future business leaders, must learn to see your life’s work not just as a means for income and career advancement but as a way to promote the common good.  Leadership is not values-neutral.  The Business & Marianist Values Integrated Learning-Living Community includes classes and community activities that will help you develop personal and professional values in the Marianist tradition for a life of learning, leadership, and service in your chosen career.

Students: Open to all students unless restricted by major

ILLC Coordinator: Brad Balser

ILLC Faculty: Barbara Heroy John

Residence: Stuart Complex

Shared Courses:  ECO 203 (Principles of Microeconomics) during the fall semester, and the option to enroll in honors section of ECO 204 (Principles of Macroeconomics) during the spring semester.

Graduation Requirements: For students working toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, ECO 203 and 204 fill specific requirements.  For other degrees, ECO 203 will fulfill a Common Academic Program (CAP) requirement.

Community Activities:

  • Special introductions to School of Business Administration (SBA) facilities such as the Davis Center for Portfolio Management, the Hanley Group Derivatives Trading Center, and the Professional Sales Center
  • Meetings with SBA student leaders from Flyer Enterprises, Flyer Investments, Flyer Forex Fund, professional business fraternities and honoraria, and business majors student organizations
  • Reserved seating at relevant campus speakers and programs (e.g., University leadership development workshops and lectures, Business As a Calling Symposium, and events sponsored by the Center for the Integration of Faith and Work) and group discussion following the programs
  • Team and community building activities, as well as social events throughout the academic year
  • Group service projects and professional development programs with our professional partners - Target Corporation and Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services
  • Meals and networking opportunities with faculty, alumni, the Marianists, and business professionals in the local community
  • Career preparation workshops with the SBA's Career Services liaison
  • A mentoring relationship with a sophomore or junior Business and Marianist Values member
  • Group study sessions, and academic planning and success workshops