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Transformative Education at Its Best!

The School of Education & Health Sciences merges critical reflection with fostering a learning community that focuses on educational theory and practice. Whether you're interested in K-12 or in higher education, whether you want to teach or work in school administration, whether you want to implement policy or develop new education strategies, we have a program that will help you become a leader in education.

The school addresses some of society's most critical needs:

  • Through partnerships with the surrounding community, we prepare future teachers and leaders to succeed in diverse settings.
  • Through research and innovative programs, we help children improve their skills in reading, mathematics, and science.
  • Through distance-education initiatives, we help teachers meet new challenges and grow professionally.

Join us for our Open House!

The School of Education and Health Sciences will be hosting an Open House on Friday, August 22, 2014 from 3-5:30 p.m., in College Park Center, 6th floor. Please join us to participate in the blessing of the new space and tour the facility.

There will also be a student open house for incoming freshmen and upperclassmen on Monday, August 25, from 2 to 4:30 p.m., on in the Sixth Floor of the College Park Center.

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Graduate Academics

Six departments offer more than a dozen master's degree and three doctoral degree options. Classes are available at multiple locations in Dayton as well as in the Columbus area. Here's what we have to offer:

Master's Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Other Licensures




Licensure & Degree Offerings in Columbus, Ohio

Licensure & Degree Offerings in Dublin, Ohio

Graduate Assistantship Program

The Graduate Assistantship Program is a competitive program, and assistantships are limited. Assistantships can be awarded within any of the following SEHS departments: Counselor Education & Human Services, Dean’s Office, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Educational Leadership, Health & Sports Science, Teacher Education, and the Doctor of Educational Leadership Program. Resumes are accepted for each academic year between January 1 and March 15. For more information and to submit your resume for consideration, please contact Julie Slife, Coordinator of the Graduate Assistantship Program, at 937-229-3348 or via email at

Six Departments. Two Doctoral Programs. Online Degree Options.
How can we help you today?

Our departments and programs offer degrees to prepare professionals for leadership and service in a variety of educational settings. Visit the departments below to learn more. To access resources for students, faculty, and community partners, please visit our community sites and resources.

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Office of the Dean

Welcome to the School of Education & Allied Professions! Learn more >>

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Teacher Education

At the University of Dayton, learning to be a teacher is about building learning communities through critical reflection. Learn more >>

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Health & Sport Science

Wellness and sport are not just areas of study; they are a way of life. Health and sport science majors prepare to be proficient and professional in a vocation related to wellness, physical activity, sports and physical therapy. Learn more >>

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Counselor Education & Human Services

We are dedicated to developing human service practitioners committed to promoting individual and community growth through seven academic programs. Learn more >>

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Educational Leadership

We offer graduate-level programs that prepare educational professionals to serve effectively at all levels of leadership in PK-12 public, Catholic and other non-public schools. Learn more >>

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Physician Assistant Education

The School of Education & Health Sciences is excited to welcome its latest program the Master of Physician Assistant Practice (MPAP). Learn more >>

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Physical Therapy

The Department of Physical Therapy offers a doctoral degree program that will prepare you to be a knowledgeable, service-oriented, self-assured, adaptable, reflective practitioner. Learn more >>

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Doctor of Educational Leadership

The Ph.D. program in educational leadership fosters an approach to leadership that combines independent research with collaborative thinking. Learn more >>

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Online Learning

You're busy, but you know graduate education will help you get ahead. With the University of Dayton's online course options, you can find the way to make it work. Learn more >>

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Dublin Campus

Don't live in Dayton? That's all right! The School of Education & Health Sciences offers graduate level coursework in Counselor Education & Human Services and in Educational Leadership at the Dublin Campus in Dublin, Ohio, near Columbus. Learn more >>

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Lalanne Program

Lalanne is a post-graduate teacher service program that specializes in supporting beginning Catholic school educators by combining service and teaching. Lalanne teachers make a two-year commitment to teach in an under-resourced Catholic school. They live together in a faith-based community, and pursue professional as well as spiritual and personal development. Learn more >>

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Professional Development Workshops

The School of Education & Health Sciences supports you in your career by partnering with local schools and other educational organizations to offer graduate workshop credit for professional development courses. Learn more >>

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St. Remy Initiative

The St. Remy Initiative provides Catholic school principals and teachers with an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills in the spiritual, academic, and managerial dimensions of their ministry. Participant teams (the principal and two teacher leaders from each school) will develop a school-wide project for enhancing the Catholic identity within their individual schoolsLearn more >>

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Upward Bound

The University of Dayton Upward Bound Program provides support to students during their college entrance process, as well as opportunities for students to succeed in their precollege performance and ultimately in their higher education pursuits. Learn more >>

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Urban Teacher Academy

The Urban Teacher Academy works to make a difference in America's urban schools by recruiting, training and supporting future teachers who have committed to a specialized teacher preparation program focused on producing high student achievement in urban settings. Learn more >>

Research. Hands-on Training. Leading-edge Technology. We Go Beyond the Basics. Way Beyond.

Bombeck Early Childhood Education Institute & Speakers Bureau

The Bombeck Institute comprises the training arm of the Center for Early Learning. Bombeck Institute personnel includes Bombeck Center teachers, University of Dayton early childhood faculty and other highly qualified experienced practitioners, who are ready to share their expertise with individuals, groups, and staff. Visit the Bombeck Institute >>

Bombeck Family Learning Center

The Bombeck Family Learning Center is the Dayton area's leading early childhood education center. Operated in conjunction with the School of Education and Health Sciences, it serves as a demonstration school for students studying early childhood education. Teacher Education students gain invaluable experience while area children receive the best in early childhood education and care. Visit the Bombeck Center >>

Center for Catholic Education

The Center for Catholic Education provides Catholic schools with programs and services that enhance the church's mission to evangelize, educate, and empower the people of God. Its vision is to be a servant-leader in working with Catholic educators to foster excellence in Catholic schools. Visit the Center for Catholic Education >>

Center for Early Learning

The Center for Early Learning advances the University of Dayton's Marianist mission to respond to changing times and engage in important community outreach by striving to attain the following goals: 1) to advance the role of the Bombeck Family Learning Center as a demonstration school; 2) to enhance the services provided by the Bombeck Institute and to inform the field through publications, presentations, web-based resources, and online and face-to-face training; 3) to support the Early Childhood Career Lattice by offering high quality online bachelor's and master's degree programs in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy; and 4) to be the leader in support for early childhood Catholic education. Visit the Center for Early Learning >>

Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center is a lending library of professional and practical teaching materials. Our extensive collection includes many educational materials for use by teachers-in-training in their classrooms, including books, educational audio and video recordings, educational kits, transparencies, charts, models and other teaching aids. Visit the Curriculum Materials Center >>

Educational Field Office

The Educational Field Office works with area partners and University of Dayton faculty in securing, coordinating and communicating field placements to support requirements for our students. Visit the Educational Field Office >>

Operations, Information & Technology

Operations, Information & Technology augments learning and teaching at the University of Dayton and in the region's public and parochial schools through the development, study and dissemination of best practices in classroom technology. Visit Operations, Information & Technology >>

Urban Child Development Resource Center

The Urban Child Development Resource Center (UCDRC) is a partnership between the University of Dayton's Center for Catholic Education and local Catholic schools. UCDRC's expertise is working with children from under-resourced neighborhoods and from diverse cultures. Visit the UCDRC >>

Learn what else our school has to offer!

What you learn in class is just the beginning. Explore professional, recreational, service and other opportunities and activities available at the University of Dayton.

Woodrow Wilson National Teaching Fellowship

The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship seeks to attract talented, committed individuals with backgrounds in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) into teaching in high-need Indiana high schools. Learn more >>

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate aassistantships are competitive and limited. Assistantships are available in several departments within the School of Education & Health Sciences. Learn more >>

John R. Schleppi Sport Management Career Enhancement Fund

The Schleppi Fund provides funding for a sport management major to attend a professional conference and explore career possibilities. The award, named for the first director of the Sport Management program at the University of Dayton, is unique because it is awarded by a panel of seniors to a fellow student. Learn more >>

Professional Development Workshops

The University of Dayton's Non-degree Workshop Program provides continuing education credit for leaders and educators in Ohio. Learn more >>    


Each year, undergraduate students work alongside faculty to conduct and publish research in respected journals, such as Journal of Strength and ConditioningFuture FocusJournal of Exercise Physiology online and Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics.
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Making Sure You Find What You Need to Succeed. That's Our Job.

Dean Kevin R. Kelly and his faculty and staff take a personal interest in the success and quality of the educational experience for all students in the School of Education & Allied Professions. Please contact them as you plan your future with the University of Dayton.

School of Education & Health Sciences
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Mary Lou Andrews, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean and Licensure Officer

Mea Greenwood
Assistant to the Dean

Gina Seiter
Graduate Program Advisor

Pamela Young

Director of Accreditation

Check out what happened at the Catholic Education Summit!

Image of Ozar talking to audienceMore than 150 educators and students gathered at the University of Dayton on Monday, July 14, for the Catholic Education Summit. This year's theme was Charism, Culture and Curriculum: A Crucible for Learning, Faith, and Hope. 

View photos from the event >>


Image of IEP student and mentor talkingThe application for admission to the undergraduate TESOL Certificate program is here! This program is for current UD undergraduate students of any major. 

Learn more about the program >>